Frequently asked questions

Can I resell the Canva Templates?

No! You are not allowed to resell our Canva templates whether you have made changes are not.

What format can I sell the planners I create in?

With Canva you can download and sell your planners in PDF, Jpeg and PNG form

What are your terms of use for your planners?

To find out how you are allowed to use our planners please click here to see our license agreement.

How long do I have access to you Canva Templates?

For as long as Canva exists, your templates are accessable for as long as Canva keeps going, and they seem to be going strong

Can I add images to the Canva Templates?

Yes! you can add images and clipart to make it your own.

Can I change fonts and colors in the Canva Templates?

Yes! you can change all fonts and colors, Canva offers a variety of free and premium fonts to choose from and if you have Canva Pro you can upload and use your own fonts.

Where can I print my personal and commercial use planners?

You can choose to print at home or by using an online printer such as or a neighbourhood printer. If you are looking to print physical copies to sell you could look into Vervante or Amazon kdp.

What else can I edit in the Canva Templates?

Basically the sky is the limit, every element within the templates can be rearranged or changed to suit your needs. Add your own colors, change fonts, resize elements, add and delete elements move stuff around the list goes on.

Can I use the Canva Templates for personal use?

Yes! you can edit, print, punch holes and add them as inserts.

What if I want to change the size of the Canva Templates?

If you have Canva Pro it's as simple as going to the top left hand corner of your screen and clicking "resize" you can add the size you wish to change it to and it will automatically change it for you. If you have Canva Free however it's a different way to resize the template here is a little trick to get this done. Open template you purchased then create another file size from Canva home page then go back to the template you purchased highlight everything on the page right-click and select copy, then paste the copied design into the new document, resize while everything is still highlighted until you are satisfied.

Can I resell personal use items in your shop and in your freebies gallery?

NO! items that are marked as personal use are just for personal use you may not sell, share or claim it as your own.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the products sold on this website(digital products) a refund cannot be offered but I am always here to help so reach out to me at anytime and I will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.