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Welcome to Island Tulip Designs Co freebie gallery here you will find free planner inserts, Canva planner templates, digital planners and more.



These freebies in this gallery are for PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL USE however not all freebies are for Commercial use.


What this means is:

Freebies marked with the letter "P" are for PERSONAL USE ONLY

  • You can’t modify or claim it as your own.

  • You cannot sell it whether modified or not


Freebies marked with the letters "PC" are for both Personal and Commercial Use

  • You can modify and sell these freebies in your shop as pdf, jpeg, or png forms.

  • You cannot resell the Canva templates whether modified or not.


If you wish to share a file, please send a link to the related article on my website, this will give others the opportunity to download the files themself from my website but don’t share or send the file on its own.


I enjoy creating these freebies even though they do take time, I love seeing how you use them, so thank you guys for helping to build this community, and thank you for understanding.


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