Printing And Cutting Free Or Purchased Sticker Sheets

Updated: Mar 27

I have been sharing a few sticker sheets as freebies(more is yet to come) and I also sell sticker sheets in my shop. I generally include three(3) different file formats which are PDF, JPEG, and PNG so you can choose which ones better for you to work with for your printing and cutting needs.

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How To Turn Printables Into Actual Sticker Sheets

To get your tangible sticker sheets two actions are needed printing and cutting. So there will be tools needed to create these actions, now the type of tools will depend on you and what works best in your situation.

First Up Paper

The paper type also comes down to preference do you want a glossy sticker, matte or do you print it on regular printing paper cut and then add adhesive. If your plans are to make sticker sheets for your planners regularly or just prefer less work then I would opt for the sticker paper( print, cut, and stick) while with regular paper (print, cut, add adhesive then stick) they also come with a fairly different finish which gives your stickers that pop in your planner.

Here are a few different sticker papers that you can choose from depending on your budget, there are a bunch of different sticker sheets out there but I make it complicated? I'll just stick with the few listed below:

  • Clear Sticker Paper- As the name suggests these sticker sheets are transparent (you are able to see through them) where there isn't a design.

  • Matte Sticker Paper- This paper has no sheen to it, these can be easily written on and is a preferred choice for planner stickers that will be written on e.g those ombre checkboxes.

  • Gloss Sticker Paper- Colors on this sticker paper are vibrant and shiny gives stickers that extra pop however they are very difficult to write and wouldn't be the perfect choice for stickers you wish to write on.

You can find these sticker papers at your local stores or you can purchase online on:

Next up is Printing

You will need to figure out if you would prefer printing at home or taking the file to a print shop, either way, is great but for my convenience, I would rather print at home less hassle to get in the car and go to a print shop but if you do not have a home printer then a print shop will work out for you.

Now For Cutting

To cut your stickers I'm going to list three different options and you choose the one that suits you starting off with the easiest more free-handed of the three this may not seem like the easiest when you just getting used to your machine but with watching a few Youtube videos it will be a breeze to you in no time:

Cutting Machine- these are all the rave with the sticker community and its nice to have a machine do all the cutting for you so you can get the perfect cuts and if your hands are anything like mine shaky as tree limb blowing in the wind you are bound to not get the cuts straight or God forbid cut into your sticker design arrrggghhh. So basically this is where these cutting machines come in now the two most popular brands out there are Silhouette and Cricut.

  • Silhouette Portrait: This machine has a cutting area of 8" x 12" which is great for sticker printing as most sticker sheets come in the range of the above inches and under.

  • Silhouette Cameo: This machine's cutting size is a bit bigger at 12" x 12" so if you rather a bigger cutting area this one's for you.

  • Silhouette Cameo 3: This one is the same size as the Cameo at 12" x 12" but has the ability to use double blades for cutting.

To use this machine you will need to download the software that goes with it from their website they have both a paid and free version of the software and they also have app versions for android and IOS, at least for the android version I know it's not the full version as the software and the android version has not been updated since 2016 until this day of writing this post and there isn't a software at this moment for Chromebook users so the android version is all a Chromebook user as at this point.

  • Cricut Explore One: This is the basic of the four and is able to cut sticker sheets, as no Bluetooth wireless connection.

  • Cricut Explore Air: Does what the basic does comes with Bluetooth.

  • Cricut Explore Air 2: Does what the explore air does but has up to two times faster cutting speed.

  • Cricut Maker: Does what all three above does plus capable of cutting more materials along with other knife capabilities for thicker materials.

This machine also comes with a software that goes with the machine again it's not compatible with Chromebooks they do have an android version but doesn't hold all the features but unlike Silhouette they actually update their app frequently so this could change.

Gyro-Cut- Another little gym to cutting stickers is a little tool called the Gyro-Cut it's a small tool that has a small handle that can fit in your hand like a pencil, it comes with a small 360-degree blade that allows you to cut around different shapes and complex images more easily it gives your stickers a kiss cut which basically means it won't cut through the sticker backing. It's way less expensive than a cutting machine and gets the job done.

Scissors- Next we have the good old handy dandy scissors that can be found in almost every house so there is no need to run out and buy one, and gets the job done.

If you decided to use regular paper then you will need to get it to stick onto the surface you want it on you can use:

  • Stick glue

  • Liquid glue(not a fave for having my stickers look neat)

  • double-sided tape

  • Xyron Sticker Maker- now this little bundle of help will, you feed regular paper into this machine and it adds adhesive to the back giving you a sticky backing to adhere to your planner.

So that's it for this one guys have fun printing and cutting those stickers for your planners, I'll be sure to add more printables to the library.

Let us know in the comments which methods you use to make your stickers.

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