Five Ways To Have A Productive Study Session Plus Free Study Schedule Sheet.

Updated: Apr 12

Keeping up with your studies can be hard, this is something that we all can relate to, distractions are all around us especially when it's time to be productive. I've found that setting up a timetable for studying helped me back when I was a student not just setting up your time to be productive but actually sticking to it. Here are five ways to stay productive when it comes to your studies.

1. Forget the phone put it to the side and make sure it's on silent, don't even keep it next to you because the temptation will be great to just take a look to see what's going on next thing you know you are on Instagram for the next two hours watching stories. To stay productive you have to set aside the biggest distraction from your phone.

2. Plan out your day and your studying schedule beforehand, this way you know the time allotted to do each activity and the time set for you to focus on just your studies. There is nothing like a well-planned day and a well-planned study schedule.

3. If you plan to study in a group share your schedule with the group and most importantly make sure your study buddies are just as serious you are about studying, you won't get anything done if you have study buddies who are more interested in things that are distracting rather than studying in that case you'll be better off studying on your own. Let them also know about your no phones policy while studying.

4. Make sure to take short breaks to free your mind and relax your brain a while, this will help you to retain what you are studying get up do some stretches, have a bite or drink and relaxed brain retains more.

5. Ask yourself about each paragraph you read, sometimes we read or look over our notes but we don't fully understand what we just read, ask yourself a question like what was this paragraph about? question yourself as you would a teacher if you fully understand what you are studying you will have a greater chance of remembering what it is you studied. If you don't fully understand reach out to someone to explain it to you, one of your study buddies, or someone else that is versed in the topic.

To help you out I have created a free study schedule and graph sheet, and it comes in three different colors so you can choose the one that suits you best feel free to print as many times as you wish for your own personal use and share this post with anyone you know may find this helpful.

Tell me what are some of your studying habits down in the comments.

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