Undated Weekly Planner Template- Molly
  • Undated Weekly Planner Template- Molly


    Un-dated Weekly Planner


    These done for you Canva Planner Templates are everything you need to quickly create a beautiful digital or printable planner to sell or to print and use in your own planner. Beautifully crafted in simplicity and style you can make this planner feel like your own by editing it to fit your needs. Change the fonts, colors add or delete what isn't working for you, change the size to fit your planner needs, use them over and over again, it's that simple and easy. You can edit these templates from a Canva free plan or from a Canva Pro plan. Don't have a Canva account get one here.


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      If you’ve been creating planners you know how they can be time-consuming to create and hiring a designer to create one the way you want for commercial use can be costly… here is your solution! This is a DIY that can change the game for you. Just choose a template you like and customize each element from the fonts to the colors, add or delete elements download the finish product and add to your website.


      All Canva Templates come with a Commercial license included. This means you can edit and download the finished design and sell it as many times as you wish. You will be wondering why you're just now finding this.


      With your template purchase, you'll also get FREE video tutorials and links to specific Canva help for those who are not that familar with Canva.


      Use these templates to create planners, in the FREE and PRO Canva versions, Add a new product to your digital shop. Spend only a few minutes adding your changes and branding and get ready to start earning.

    • Tip

       If you don't have Canva pro and would like to resize the template open this template then create another file size from Canva home page then go back to this template highlight everything on the page right-click and select copy,  then paste the copied design into the new document, resize while everything is still highlighted until you are satisfied. 

    • How It Works

      Access to your planner template is available after purchase, download the PDF file read through the license, help section, and welcome then access the link to your template on the last page of the PDF. Click the link this will take you to Canva then click "Use Template" that's it you can now edit away.

    Frequently asked questions

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    Garage doors have been made from wood, steel aluminum, and fiberglass. Today, there are even newer rot resistant composite materials. Each of these materials has its benefits, though wood and steel doors are by for the most popular homeowner choices. Contact us to ask about your Indianapolis overhead door material options!

    How often should my Indianapolis garage door be serviced?

    As the largest moving piece of equipment in your Indianapolis home, your garage door gets used a lot. Some people use it more frequently then the front door. In order to ensure a properly working door and operator, you should have your overhead door and operator serviced every year. The noises your door or operator make are your initial "warnings" that something is not quite right. The longer you put off the necessary service, the more damage may result. Regular service can vastly extend the live of your garage door and operator.

    How long should my garage door springs last?

    The most common torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 "cycles". A cycle is one opening and closing of the garage door. The steel spring experiences tremendous force each time the door opens or closes. Gradually, the steel fatigues with each flex. and eventually cracks and breaks, usually releasing its stored energy in an instant with a loud noise or bang. In overhead door repairs, most accients occur during the replacement of the springs. While many door companies quote a flat fee for spring replacement, we prefer to quote a range and charge for the actual cost of the spring that is on thier particular garage door. (Springs vary in price by more then $30.00/spring) Also, if one spring breaks and they were installed at the same time, it is likely that the other will need to be replaced at the same time. This not only is the safest option, but will save you time and money as if one goes, the other is soon to follow anyways.

    How do I release the garage door from the operator so that I can open the door by hand?

    With the garage door fully closed, simply pull the red release cord down toward the floor. Always take special caution whenever you relaeas the garage door opener if the door is not in the fully closed position, since the door may want to slam closed when released. If at all possible, do not release the garage door when open, except for emergency or security pruposes, then close the door with caution. Some older openers may not have a release cord and may need to be released by pulling down a handle, a spring loaded clip, or even possibly unbolting the arm from the door and opener. If you do have an older door that is difficult to disconnect you may want to replace the opener with a new one that has an easy pull release cord

    My garage door goes down some and then goes back up, what is the problem?

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    Your Indianapolis garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home. So the safety features of the device that lifts and closes the door are very important. For the opener to work, certain safety devices must be installed. This is true regardless of the type, size or brand of opener you choose. The safety devices are built into the garage door system to prevent the door from closing when an obstruction is in the door's path. Most poeners auto-reverse the door when an infrared beam detects any obstruction in the door's path. The US government mandated the use of non-contact safety protections on all residential, motor operated garage doors in 1993. Other safety features are: - Rolling-code technology selects a new, non-repeating access code form among billions of possibilities every time the remote control is operated. - A keypad or touchpad outside the garage allows entry via a programmable code. If this feature doesn't come standard with the unit you choose, it can be added as an option later. - Many units have a simple doorbell style button for opening and closing the garage door. Others have a more complex control panel with keypad programming and vaction lock to prevent the door from being opened while you are away. - Most openers include a light, which should stay on for a few minutes after the unit is activated to allow time to get into the house. - Battery backup feature that continues to operate the garage door opener even when the power is out, helping residents, homeowners and property managers through unforseen, inconvenient outages. Most backups last 24 to 48 hours of standby time.

    How important is insulation in a garage door in Indianapolis?

    Insulation is important in a garage door in Indianapolis for many reasons. Insulated doors help control the temperature of the garage allwoing less heat to escape in the winter and less to get in during the summer. This reduces the amount of enerty required to cool or heat your home which saves money! Insulated doors also reduce noise from the exterior of your home. In addition to helping control the temperature, insulation adds strength to your overhead door while reducing exterior noise. The ammount of insulation a garage door provides is represented in its R-Value. This represents its resistance to heat flow. It is important to select a garage door with an R-Value that is consistent with your local climate and lifestyle in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.



    Project Planner Canva Template

    Project Planner Canva Template

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